World o’ Goat Sacrifice

“To be clear, Merced does not want to sacrifice a goat in his home. He wants to sacrifice 5-7 goats, 1-2 turtles, 1 duck, 10-14 chickens, 5-7 guinea hens and 10-14 doves all at one time. Keeping and killing that many animals in a residential neighbourhood poses disease transmission dangers. It creates stench and filth”… Furthermore, said the lawyer for Euless council, sacrificing goats was “repulsive and has no place in an urban environment”.

I find myself particularly concerned for that lone duck.

Heresy Corner investigates the world o’ goat sacrifice. Food for thought not only for Santerian voodooists, but for Aztec fundamentalists and those of us who worship the hideous bat-god Fatso.

4 thoughts on “World o’ Goat Sacrifice

  1. I think electricity might do the trick…
    You’d need lots of current, lots of electrodes and one dramatically large knife switch..
    (well, I would…)


  2. O.S.M
    Well from what I see of your lab then I can quite believe that to be the case.
    Which raises the question of why your site never features any images of your Igor.

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