Medea Blenkinsop

“The reviewer gets carried away with his own sensational tale of ‘Medea Blenkinsop, or the Octogamist’:

‘But think of the shifts and perplexities of a wife with eight husbands, being not only mysteriously married like Aurora Floyd to her noble husband’s horse-trainer, but… also to the Emperor of China, who writes compromising letters by each mail, the more compromising as she is also secretly married to the postman, who is of a suspicious temper…; also, under peculiar circumstances, to the giant of a show that is coming to be set up at a fair in the neighbourhood; also to a maniac whom she keeps in the cellar.'”

Cited in The Maniac In The Cellar : Sensation Novels Of The 1860s by Winifred Hughes (Princeton University Press, 1980)

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