Pick Some Words & Save Resonance

The world’s finest radio station, Resonance104.4FM, is in urgent need of funding. You can help the station remain on air by sponsoring next week’s Hooting Yard On The Air show, to be broadcast (live as ever) at 4.00 PM on Wednesday 14 February. Here is how it works:

1. Go to Resonance and donate a minimum of £5.

2. You may now choose a sentence, a phrase, a string of words, or a name to be incorporated into a specially-written story which will feature on next week’s show.

3. Send your chosen words to me at hooting.yard@googlemail.com, and voila!, it’s as simple as that.

4. After reading the story, I will recite the names of the donors (unless anonymity is preferred).

5. Now follow Step 1, immediately!

2 thoughts on “Pick Some Words & Save Resonance

  1. A few weeks ago I bunged Resonance a some of my British Pounds, who knows what they will do with it… I shall reveal privately the extent of my modest donation, however if mine were the winningest I would request that you publish a systematic and stern refutation of some of the many Hooting Yard impostors on the Internet.

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