Victorian Aether Ships, Etc

Mr Key has recruited a hare-brained academic with wild hair and smudged spectacles to carry out an analysis of search terms which fetch people up at Hooting Yard. You will recall that some poor soul came here having sought information on “character flaw of mediaeval peasant”. Among recent phrases of interest are:

Iron wolf implements

Victorian aether ships

John Le Mesurier dentures

Mormon goat

How to make a crow

How to cook a cormorant

I am hoping my befuddled academic discovers that the person seeking culinary tips for cormorants was Peter Maxwell Davies, the Master of the Queen’s Music famed for his swan-eating activities. We shall wait and see.

2 thoughts on “Victorian Aether Ships, Etc

  1. When your hare-brained spectacle-smudged academic is done, could you send him over my way? I recently attracted the following search terms: “poorly planned pudding” and the beguilingly mysterious “how do you into a closed place that has not been opened” [sic]

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