In Dreams

Here is a verbatim transcript of a snatch of dialogue from my dream last night.

Boffin : You do realise that the entire human brain could be recreated in the lab from a single cell of a finch?*

Mr Key : Would that be an attractive little finch like the siskin?

Boffin : Sadly, no.


Attractive little finch courtesy of the Fleet Pond Blog

* NOTE : My dream-boffin speaks false, of course. This is not actually true. Just my luck to have dreams peopled by mendacious boffins!

One thought on “In Dreams

  1. >dreams peopled by mendacious boffins!

    In momentary defence of the particular boffin, isn’t there a chance that his or her assertion holds water on his or her side of the reality membrane? He or she may equally have blogged that ‘…ridiculously, a bloke in my dream thought “siskin” was a kind of bird’ and so on.

    Traffic with the dreamworld is fraught with potential for misunderstanding, and we should perhaps reserve judgment to prevent friction developing, hostilities escalating, and perhaps even war breaking out between the two realms.

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