In The Other House

It is reasonably well known that, while her husband was imagining “no possessions”, Yoko Ono maintained a separate apartment solely in which to keep her collection of fur coats. Perhaps she still does.

The one-time popstrel Toyah Willcox, or Mrs Fripp as we like to think of her, owns a house which is used to store her ever-growing archive of memorabilia. Every last scrap of evidence of Mrs Fripp’s existence on earth, in all media, is contained in a sort of Uber Toyah Silo, which, from the outside, looks just like an ordinary house. Strange, but true.

It has now come to light that Dobson, the twentieth century’s greatest out of print pamphleteer, also had a building other than his residence – possibly a barn, or a chalet – but we have no idea what he kept in there. Furs? Frippabilia? It’th a mythtery, sure enough.

I shall do some research.

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