What was that I was saying about turning Hooting Yard into a daily blog? Two days into the new year and I fear my plans are scuppered. I am just not going to have time, am I? I am going to be far too busy watching bees!

The ever-reliable Mustard Plaster alerts us to the Natural History Museum’s live beecam – or possibly beecast, they haven’t quite made up their minds what to call it. Either way, I know what I am going to be doing with my every waking hour for the foreseeable future.

One thought on “Bees!

  1. Frank, many times I have heard you expound on the mind-soothing benefits of pig watching: You claim that a morning spent watching pigs grunt and snuffle in their sty can cure all neurasthenic maladies, but what of bee watching? Can a morning spent in deep contemplation of bees help you? Perhaps it will somehow cause your own consciousness to meld with that of the hypothetical ‘hive mind’ that bees purportedly posses.

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