Pebblehead’s Picks On Spotify

God in heaven knows how he finds the time, but in between bashing out his innumerable bestselling paperbacks, bestselling paperbackist Pebblehead has managed to familiarise himself with Spotify. Not only that, but he has offered to share with Hooting Yard readers some of his so-called “Pebblehead’s Picks”.

So here is the first one. Those of you who are already Spotifyists can simply copy the code below and paste it into the “search” silo hub at the upper left of the Spotify screen:


Pebblehead writes: “I am not going to tell you in advance what this is. Just copy and paste and hit play, and listen through to the end. Recorded and performed less frequently than some of the composer’s more popular works, it is, in my view, twenty-five minutes of transcendent genius.”

Pebblehead knows whereof he speaks.

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