Bubbles Surge From Froth, Again

Oddly coincident with Mr Key’s presence in the United States, the latest edition of the Drabblecast features a Hooting Yard story. Bubbles Surge From Froth is read by Norm Sherman, the man who made the words “magnetic mute blind love monkeys” sound so eerie and lascivious.

Norm gives a splendid rendition once again, so many thanks to him, and to whomsoever is responsible for the delightful picture of the captain Communist, smoking a cigarette and leaning insouciantly against a cow while birds flock in the sky above.


One thought on “Bubbles Surge From Froth, Again

  1. Oh, if only the birds depicted had been starlings I could have typed the words ‘a murmuration of starlings’…
    Once, in York, in a deep slough of despair, the dazzling ballet of a murmuration of starlings stopped me from throwing myself into the river Ouse and set me back on the road of moral rectitude which, in turn, led me to the gates of Hooting Yard…

    The wreck of Brighton’s West Pier is a good place to see this uplifting spectacle:


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