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Unconfined glee here at Hooting Yard following our discovery of the Finnish Men’s Shouting Choir. Here is an extract from the sleeve notes to the Tenth Anniversary Concert CD (itself ten years old):

What would it be like to assemble a maximal number of men into a regular formation and dress them in dark suits, black rubber ties (made of used inner tubes), white shirts, and make them furiously shout some patriotic texts sacred to the Finns?

Now we know. I learn from the website that their repertoire soon extended to children’s ditties, worker’s songs, national anthems and quotes from Finnish laws and international treaties. The choir has performed in “chamber music halls, rock festivals, jazz clubs, choir festivals, art galleries and museums, railway stations, supermarkets, construction sites, Olympic stadiums, occupied houses, mountaintops, ocean shores and wet swamps”, apparently.

Watch them here. Superb.

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