A Complete Vacancy Within The Cranium

Regular readers will have noted a lack of postages here over the past few days. This is due to what boffins call “a complete vacancy within the cranium”. In short, Mr Key is terribly, terribly uninspired. No doubt things will get back on track in the new year. Meanwhile, if anybody can suggest profitable lines of enquiry, please do so.

5 thoughts on “A Complete Vacancy Within The Cranium

  1. What if some form of lunacy were to creep into the part of your throbbing mind-orb which is normally occupied by writing prose? Piblokto or perhaps Antidaeophobia, the fear that one is being observed by a duck.

    I have never met an Antidaeophobic, however I wonder if they are afeared of pond-fowl in general, all ducks, a single species of duck or perhaps one single individual duck.

    It is the latter category of Antidaeophobic who is most lucky as his fear is easily dealt with by moving away from the duck’s territory or migratory pattern.

    Food for thought on this wintry night.


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