New Year

“It may take a long time, but my fame will outshine that of Victor Hugo or Napoleon. Wagner died twenty-five years too soon to know his day of glory. I hope to live long enough to see mine… There lies within me a latent glory of immense force, like that of a shell which has yet to burst… The light of this glory will fall upon all my works without exception, it will illuminate every action of my life; people will avidly dig up information about my childhood and marvel at the way I played prisoner’s base… Some people are predestined! Then, as the poet says, one feels the brand on one’s brow… The star one bears resplendent… I shall never forget it.” – Raymond Roussel

Mainly dry, with sunny or clear periods and very cold. A few light snow showers are possible, especially across eastern parts, but any accumulations of snow will be small. On the whole tonight will be dry and frosty. Aminadab! Aminadab! Burn the pastille, Aminadab! Starting with a widespread frost, and ice on untreated surfaces. Most places will have a very cold and dry day with sunny spells, but isolated light wintry showers may arrive. Here comes Jimmy Lickspittle, see him far away. See Jimmy Lickspittle, fallen in the gutter. Another dry but cold day is expected with some sunny spells especially during the afternoon. Light northwest winds. The pier, the shearers, the pier, the greater infortune, the lesser infortune, the connecting door, the pier, the pier, the blaze of noon. Another dry but cold day is expected with some sunny spells developing during the afternoon. Light northwest winds. Isolated light snow showers will arrive. Each night sharp overnight frosts will occur. I know, indeed, that all around me is wonderful… a dark veil, with the foolish words, NATURE OF THINGS, upon it, casts its deadening folds between me and their dazzling strangeness. Flowers open, and stars rise, and it seems to me they could have done no less. The middle of next week and into next weekend will continue very cold with widespread frosts. The frost will be severe in places and perhaps extreme in some rural spots. Patchy freezing fog is also likely to form, which will be slow to clear and may linger all day in a few parts. The mystery of distant mountain-blue only makes me reflect that the earth is of necessity mountainous; the sea-wave breaks at my feet, and I do not see how it should have remained unbroken. But one object there is still, which I never pass without the renewed wonder of childhood, and that is the bow of a Boat. Many western and southern parts will be mainly dry with some good sunny spells, although occasional sleet or snow showers are also possible. More frequent and heavier snow showers are likely in the north and east where further significant snowfall is likely. The further outlook will continue cold with further widespread frosts. However, it will probably not be as cold as the previous week, with perhaps fewer wintry showers. The stars will turn in their courses. The planets will spin. Jimmy Lickspittle will lie in the gutter, by the pier, at the harbour, in Britain.

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