Boorde On Naps

As a great enthusiast for the postprandial nap, which I like to think of as a mark of civilised behaviour, I was somewhat alarmed to read the advice of Dr Andrew Boorde, writing in his Dyetary of Helth in 1542: “Whole men of what age or complexion soever they be of, should take their natural rest and sleep in the night, and to eschew all meridial sleep. But, an need shall compel man to sleep upon his meat, let him make a pause, and then let him stand, and lean and sleep against a cupboard.”

3 thoughts on “Boorde On Naps

  1. When experimented with some of the more outrĂ© Hooting Yard recipes I invariably find myself in a postprandial state of coma but always awake, in some cases months later, feeling refreshed and ready for the buffets of modern living…
    I therefore feel qualified to heartily endorse this practice..

    (I’ll give the steamed viper heads a miss in future though…)

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