Three Types Of Incey-Wincey

Incey-wincey badger, scrubbling in the dirt. Puts some sticks together and builds himself a yurt. He’s a New Age badger, his name is Little Kurt. Careful now, his feelings are very easily hurt.

Incey-wincey goat-boy, creature of two realms. We can see you darting in between the elms. Half of you is human, the other half’s a goat. Incey-wincey goat-boy, drowning in a moat.

Incey-wincey lobster, clacking in the sea. His brain’s completely alien to that of you and me. Incey-wincey lobster, much bigger than a bee. The lobster’s very strange, and is never ever twee.

2 thoughts on “Three Types Of Incey-Wincey

  1. Incey-wincy june bug, floating on the breeze.
    Feeling pretty proud ’cause he’s bigger than those fleas.
    Along comes a truck, and without so much as ‘please’.
    Splatters little june bug, into windshield grease.

    Incey-wincy elephant, floats in outer space.
    Thinks to itself, “How come I am in this place?”
    Does a little pirouette with pachydermic grace.
    Sees a lonely satellite, decides to have a race.

    Incey-wincy bubble, in the bathing tub.
    All the other bubbles won’t let it in the club.
    “We’re here to clean, to soothe and to scrub.
    All you seem to bring, is a flatulent stink, Bub.”

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