How To Cook A Cormorant

The estimable Miss Hathorn at Mustard Plaster has alerted me to this BBC audio clip (read by Leslie Phillips!) telling me how to cook a cormorant. I feel considerably cheered up, and so will you.

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  • Thanks for the link, Mr Key!

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  • Is this a recipe for, as chaucer says, “the hote cormoraunt of glotonye”?

  • Michael : Thank you for the tip.

    Phil : It may well be, but for a thoroughly gluttonous recipe one might want to put the cormoraunt in a pie with The waker goos; the cukkow ever unkinde; The popiniay, ful of delicasye; The drake, stroyer of his owne kinde; The stork, the wreker of avoutrye; and such other fowls as come to hand.

  • Hot cormorant is always better than cold cormorant I think.

    I must try the popiniay due its being full of ‘delicasye’ – sounds tasty. I don’t fancy the stork, though. I don’t have my middle English lexicon to hand, but ‘avoutrye’ doesn’t sound good.

    Chaucer, tantalisingly, remains silent on the attributes of chicken nuggets.

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