Zoist Spasms

Spasms (kraempfe) are an affection to which almost all sensitives are especially inclined. Many, especially those of a higher degree, suffer from them severely. They form the last term of the series – stomach-ache, head-ache, fainting, spasm. They may be occasioned by magnets, by terrestrial magnetism, by poles of crystals, by amorphous, unipolar, bodies, either odo-positive or odo-negative, by human odic poles, by the prismatic rays of either the solar or lunar spectrum, particularly the green rays, by down passes, but oftener by up passes, by charging and conduction, whether immediate or approximative, by the mere odic atmosphere, by the psychical action of insult, grief, anxiety, fear, annoyance, jealousy, quarrels, mental exertion, joy, or even dreams. They are most conspicuous in the extremities, solar plexus, and head. They can be artificially excited and calmed, or depart naturally. They often follow a tolerably similar course from the toes through the abdomen to the brain, and thence down the spinal cord, like a pass. In most cases they can be more or less easily calmed by down passes. Hence as they are essentially related to sensitiveness, and immediately dependent on odic motions, they undoubtedly belong to the domain of od.”

From Reichenbach and his Researches : the principal “Laws of Sensitiveness” abstracted from Reichenbach’s work DER SENSITIVE MENSCH, by ALEXANDER J ELLIS, B.A., Trin. Coll., Camb. in The Zoist : A Journal Of Cerebral Physiology And Mesmerism, And Their Applications To Human Welfare, No. LI., October 1855.

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