Unmixed Fiery Hair Like The Flower Of A Pomegranate

“Black hair announces cowardice and great craftiness, excessively yellow and pale white hair, such as the Scythians and Celts have, reveals ignorance and clumsiness and wildness, and that which is gently yellow points towards an aptitude for learning, gentleness, and skill in art. Unmixed fiery hair like the flower of a pomegranate is not good, since for the most part their characters are beastlike and shameless and greedy. Legs which are very hairy with thick black hair indicate slowness at learning and wildness. Those whose loins and thighs have lots of hair separately from the other parts of the body are very lascivious.”

Quoted in The Philosophy Of Physiognomy

One thought on “Unmixed Fiery Hair Like The Flower Of A Pomegranate

  1. Note to self!

    …Book waxing appointment at beauty parlor.

    …Call at greengrocers.

    …Pay remaining balance for holiday in Kefalonia.

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