Who Is The Top Harrison?

Time for another exciting Hooting Yard poll. This time we ask that burning question…

Who is the top Harrison?

Harrison Ford
George Harrison
Rex Harrison
Noel “The Windmills Of Your Mind” Harrison (son of Rex)

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6 thoughts on “Who Is The Top Harrison?

  1. I was sorry to see such a dearth of Birtwhistles in this poll. We Birtwhistles have enough prejudice to contend with without being so brutally ignored by ‘opinion-formers’ such as yourself. Please remedy this in your next poll – perhaps a ‘Who Is The Top Birtwhistle?’ survey might go some way to remedying the injustice you have done to our ancient name.

  2. Very good point, Jonathan. I consider my knuckles rapped.

    Also, having looked at the early results, can I point out to voters that Harrison Ford is the WRONG answer?

  3. Oh Mr Key….
    Once again Hooting Yard has placed indecision in my breast…
    Allow me to explain my dilemma…
    I am in the (lengthy) process of designing and building a cyclemotor (a bicycle with an engine attached to it)…
    Aside from all the engineering challenges this project presents, there is also the question of a suitable name for the vehicle once completed…
    I had narrowed it down to three probables:

    The Wilson
    The Simpson
    The Dobson

    Now I must needs add another option to the list,

    The Harrison…

    Perhaps you could run a Hooting Yard poll to help me surmount this daunting task…?


    p.s. I’m a Rex man myself…

  4. Unable to vote for William Henry ‘Tippecanoe’ Harrison, the 9th and shortest serving president of the United States and the subject of the memorable campaign slogan, ‘Tippecanoe and Tyler too’, I have cast my vote for Noel.

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