I have just created a Wordle. As far as I can see, it’s based on the most recent Hooting Yard entries, rather than all of them, which is what I would have preferred. And yet it is still a thing of beauty, I think.

If I had more skill in technical jiggery-pokery, I would have copied the image and posted it here to save you following the link, but it didn’t seem to lend itself to standard copying and pasting. Perhaps I can rely on the helpful nature of a technobod reader to tell me how to do that, and also to tell me if it’s possible to do a Wordle of all of Hooting Yard, rather than just some of it.

N.B. – There is a second one here.

4 thoughts on “Wordle

  1. For what it’s worth, I made this wordle from the 2003-2006 archive. I did this by rather laboriously copying and pasting everything into a text file, then pasting it all into the text box.

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