Bees Attack Crows!

Hooting Yard has a number of bee monitors who keep us up to speed with various bee doings around the globe. Many thanks, then, to Tristan Shuddery (Bee Monitor No. 56A) for alerting us to this article which tells us about some Japanese bees and their tendency to attack anything dark-coloured that approaches their hives.


4 thoughts on “Bees Attack Crows!

  1. And having introduced the article with a vastly enlarged image of a bee you need not actually read it since Mr. Key has summarized the full content of the article in the few paragraphs above. What is this world coming to when the National Geographic, once a journal of repute can so quickly dismiss a bee/crow story with only the most trivial of analysis.

    Is there any justice in the world, when Mr. Key has not yet been appointed the resident bee / bird boffin of a suitably important publication?

  2. Ah, if it is in the Metro (that sober journal of record) then it must be the plain unadulterated factual truth.

    I would stake my reputation on their sensible reportage and calm judgment. The editors of the Metro would sooner tear their own tongues out than publish an inaccuracy.

  3. Mr Shuddery,

    Your implied skepticism, in this case at least, does you no credit at all…
    I advise you to visit this site at once:
    You may even find the yield of your own herd increased should you choose to follow the gyrations described therein…
    I’d also be interested in results from anyone performing tai chi in and around their bee hives…
    (Or, in fact, any tremendous hairstyle…)


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