Jubilate Dabblo

Dabbler-3logo (1)This week in my cupboard at The Dabbler, a bit of blatant puffery for the recording I made – with Germander Speedwell – of Christopher Smart’s bonkers epic Jubilate Agno. I am well aware that Hooting Yard readers have learned the habit of listening to it daily, setting aside the three hours necessary to do so. Now you will, I hope, be joined by the extended readership of The Dabbler.

One thought on “Jubilate Dabblo

  1. Christ, I wake up to Frank Key reading Jubilate Agno frequently.

    What I REALLY would like to hear is Frank Key read out a comprehensive list of all animal fatalities incurred during space flights, ordered chronographically, with cause of death and flight identifier included. Then I might sleep properly.

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