The Scratches Found On The Corpse

A paragraph that leaves you wanting to know more…

“[An] episode is highlighted in Ritual Magic In England (1970) by Francis King who, misled by Dion Fortune’s account of it, accused Moïna [Mathers] of killing a Miss Netta Fornario by black magic. As the incidents leading to Miss Fornario’s death did not take place until some eighteen months after Moïna’s own, the charge is scarcely worth refuting. Even if the latter had been living, the scratches found on the corpse are less likely to have resulted from an attack by Moïna in the form of a monster cat, than from running naked in the dark over rough country, which Miss Fornario had done immediately before her collapse.”

Ithell Colquhoun, Sword Of Wisdom : MacGregor Mathers And ‘The Golden Dawn’ (1975)

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