Collection Box

Here is another opportunity for readers to help save ResonanceFM. Let me just point out that the station’s financial circumstances are dismal and Your Help Is Needed.

A collection of rarities by (or including) your favourite Hooting Yardist is going up for auction. Many of these items predate the Wilderness Years (1993-2002), and this may be your only chance to obtain such gems as Sidney The Bat Is Awarded The Order Of Lenin.

So get out your wallet and make your bid!

UPDATE : The closing date is 21st February at 11.59 a.m. and the current highest bid is £120.

FURTHER UPDATE : The winning bid was £150, and the lucky recipient was someone using the pseudonym ‘mustardplaster’. Many thanks to them, on behalf of Resonance.

2 thoughts on “Collection Box

  1. Hello, it’s me again. To whom do I make the cheque payable and how do I claim my booty?
    Yours, with tail wagging,

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