Another brief interruption to the alphabetic schedule. I am reading Chris Mullin’s Decline And Fall : Diaries 2005 – 2010, packed with amusing anecdotes and observations. Most are of course political, but I was struck by this literary snippet:

“Wednesday, 10 December 2008. To the Almeida theatre in Islington for Pat Kavanagh’s memorial meeting. Strictly by invitation to exclude the Evening Standard and the dreadful Jeanette Winterson.”

4 thoughts on “Dreadful

  1. That rings true. She looks like a haranguer to me. I doubt you’d escape any function involving Winterson unharangued. Noseybonk might have a view on her, in fact.

    I’m on tenterhooks waiting for X.

  2. BTW it’s worth reading about her immaculately ethical Spitalfields deli. Localism here seems to mean making it affordable only to nearby City traders.

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