Dabbler-3logo (1)To celebrate the restoration and reopening of Strawberry Hill, I suggest we do our utmost to revive a word coined by Horace Walpole and used by him, as far as I know, just once. Devoted Hooting Yard readers will know the word whereof I speak, but it seemed appropriate to persuade readers of the super soaraway Dabbler to join us in our cause.

4 thoughts on “Bedabblered!

  1. I’ve just bought a kindle and was wondering if you have any plans to create a kindle app thingy. It would be great to have your postings coming straight to the device as soon as they were posted.

  2. Can’t ask for more than that. Most kindle apps seem to involve a fee but I subscribe to one of your subscriptions anyway so that won’t be a problem.

  3. Darren : I have absolutely no idea about kindles, their apps, and their fees, hence the need for the technoboffin. Many thanks, in any case, for your subscription, which is much valued.

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