Unlikely as it may seem, the first – and quite probably only – edition of your favourite television show of all time, The Frank Key And Lepke B. Half-Hour will be broadcast live, yes live!, on ResoVision tomorrow (Saturday) at 2.30 PM UK time. Turn on, tune in, shovel snack foods down your gullet, furrow your brow, and concentrate. That is all I ask of you. God knows it is little enough, at least for the time being, pending inquiries, debriefings, further snacking opportunities, and hell freezing over.

4 thoughts on “ResoVision

  1. I hope this went well. For those of us who were needfully away from our desks, will there be a retroscopic ResoVision opportunity some time?

  2. R : Due to ramshackle scheduling shenanigans, it became The Frank Key & Lepke B. Twenty Minutes, but I feel we acquitted ourselves with due zip. I have no idea whether it will resurface, on YouTube or elsewhere, but if it does I will of course alert readers accordingly.

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