O Say Can You See

O say can you see only indistinct blurs? As you squelch through the marsh on your way to the pig sty.

In the cold misty dawn you are poked at with twigs by the sprites of the marsh who are strident and captious.

You’re not wearing your specs. You’re disorientated. You sink to your knees in the vapours of marsh gas.

The sprites harry you, and they hector you too. You spill all the pigfeed out of your tin pail.

Such a dawning as this, on a wet Wednesday morn, it does make you wonder why e’er you were born.

2 thoughts on “O Say Can You See

  1. Strangely, Mr Key’s lyrics are not a wild departure from his namesake’s original. A quick perusal of the relevant Wikipedia site will reveal the full horror of ‘The Defence of Fort Henry’.

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