Strictly Pamphleteering

At last, a modicum of sense from the pubescent noodleheads who run the television schedules. I wonder if their ranks have been infiltrated by a Dobsonist? Apparently, there is a forthcoming series called Strictly Pamphleteering, in which contestants will write pamphlets and declaim them on live television. Week by week, the panel of judges and the public will vote out the most hopeless would-be pamphleteer, until at the end of the series, the winner is crowned Strictly Pamphleteering Pamphleteer Of The Year.

No details have yet emerged of who will be on the judging panel, though names such as Dale Winton, Yoko Ono, V S Naipaul and Leo Sayer have been touted. The panel will also decide on each week’s pamphlet topic, with subjects ranging from ospreys to goat husbandry to the astronomical innovations of Tycho Brahe. We can be sure that the eventual winner will have shown a splendid ability to declaim mighty pamphleteering prose about pretty much anything under the sun. Could this show bring us a 21st century Dobson? I live in hope.

One thought on “Strictly Pamphleteering

  1. At last true entertainment and a return to the quality of programs like One Grunty Man And His Magnetic Love Monkey!
    I can’t wait.
    This evening will see me become bedizened and made wretched by televisual choice.
    When Will I Be Famous? or The Culture Show ?
    Contortionists playing the musical saw or Nick (Horrible) Cave & Gilbert and George?
    When Strictly Pamphleteering arrives all choice will end.
    Compulsive viewing.
    How about Big Dobson Channel 4?
    Or I’m a Philatelist Get Me Out Of Here ITV?

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