Owls In Art

It has come to my attention that an art person called Alan Disparte has a “work on paper” entitled Hooting Yard, depicting transmogrified owls. Go and look at it here, and at his main page, or portal*, here. Hommage or coincidence? Who can say? I cannot help but notice that his name is an anagram of Natal Despair.

* Do people still refer to “web portals”, or has that phrase gone the way of “the information superhighway” and other once thrilling coinages? This is not the kind of thing I know about, although I think this very page you are reading ought to be known as The Hooting Yard Portal, or Lobby, or Vestibule.

3 thoughts on “Owls In Art

  1. Perhaps this is another attempt at the “New Heraldry” you have previously described. I wonder if Mr. Disparte can be encouraged to paint more of the ornithological curiosities you have described on this important web-site.

    T. Wellington

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