5 thoughts on “Mysteries Of The Dabblecast

  1. To bring our Cardew conversation home to Hooting yard…

    As an avid listener to Radio Tirana, well avid is a little strong I used to sample them for performance tapes, why did all the presenters appear to have Australian accents?

  2. Its odd really, they had all that time to fill and yet I never once heard them play any Cardew.

  3. Oh if I only knew! Its possible that there are snatches audible on Certain Ants tapes or some of my own old pieces but I’m pretty sure the original tapes are gone.

    A nice idea though. I will take a look. But I have so few audio cassettes left. This evening is going to resemble a performance of ‘Krapps Last Tape’ or is that Mikes last crap tape?

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