The Funnel, Volume One

Asbestos bails. Copper’s dudgeon. Eloquent filth. Gladsome holidays. Illegal jackanapes. Kinky lobster. Muddy noggin. Obtuse popstrel. Quaker riots. Slobbering throwback. Untimely verger. Wax x-axis. Yodelling zany.

One thought on “The Funnel, Volume One

  1. I became so embarrassed at having to reach up to the top self in our local convenience store when buying my copy of ‘Kinky Lobster’ that I decided to take out a subscription and have it delivered direct to my home.

    It didn’t end well.
    Linda discovered my collection in the shed, rolled up a copy and beat me around the head with it for being a pervert.

    O.S.M. B:53
    (I only used to read for the pieces by Gore Vidal)

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