Ornithological Dabbling

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This week at The Dabbler I’ve devoted some words to the ever-intriguing subject of birds. Long-time readers will have read it before. I can always be relied on for avian lore. Some say I know not of what I speak, which is a monumental bit of cheek. Whether it’s a pratincole, a lark, or a linnet, I know all there is to know about birds, innit? Oh for the wings, for the wings of a dove! Or the wings of a nuthatch if push comes to shove. When push comes to shove I usually fall over. Unlike the corncrake, the wren, or the plover. They just fly away, on wings of song. I think that’s correct, but I may be wrong. There is so much to learn about birds of the air, more than my pea-sized brain can bear. But rather than stumbling through mental fog, I read words of wisdom in The Dabbler blog.

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