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In a startling initiative, born of who knows what brain-faff, I have resolved to post a direct link here each time a new Hooting Yard On The Air podcast is made available by ResonanceFM’s podcasting maestro. So here is the latest:

On Sawdust Bridge, Harangued Click, listen, and learn.


In a couple of weeks’ time, the show will celebrate its seventh anniversary. It is a pity, I think, that back in 2004 neither I nor anyone else thought to apply Blötzmann numbers to the episodes. Scholars, researchers, and fools would have a much easier time of it if they were able to refer to “Episode 149”, say, instead of having to identify shows by the original broadcast date. Perhaps a sensible person could devote a portion of their otherwise worthless life to the creation of a numerical index?

2 thoughts on “For Podpersons

  1. hi frank,
    you may recall that I did most of this, almost a year ago, and even proposed giving the episodes Blotzmann numbers, once we’d established that the list was complete? I was put off my stride by an episode of involuntary (and infuriating) netlessness, but I’d more than happy to resume the task. Do get in touch, and I’ll figure out what remains to be done…

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