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Natty Dread Pod

From out of nowhere comes a new Hooting Yard podcast, originally broadcast in 2012. This episode features a lot of babbling about monkeys and, as an added bonus, the dulcet tones of Pansy Cradledew.

On Natty Dread

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Pointy Pod

A particularly thrilling new podcast from ResonanceFM.

On Pointy Town

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Muggletonian Pod

Sooner or later I will start spouting forth prose again, but meanwhile here is the latest Hooting Yard podcast release from ResonanceFM.


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Dogs, Vultures, Bats, Pods

While I continue my titanic struggle against an attack of Not-Updating-Hooting-Yard Syndrome, here, as a sop to you lot, is a brand new podcast from those lovely people at ResonanceFM.

Dogs, Vultures, Bats

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Gravel Pod

You never know quite when they will appear. Nor, for that matter, do I. These things are a profound mystery. But a new Hooting Yard podcast is suddenly and splendidly available from those lovely people at ResonanceFM.

On The Raking Of Gravel

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Shoveller Pod

A new podcast from ResonanceFM, featuring items on shovellers, an alternative to Facebookcloth, and the home life of Thomas and Jane Carlyle,

On Knowing Your Shovellers

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Accidental Pod

The second part of a tale from the last century …

Accidental Deaths Of Twelve Cartographers (Part Two)

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Cartography Pod

Now available from ResonanceFM, a tale from the last century …

Accidental Deaths Of Twelve Cartographers (Part One)

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On Wings Of Pod

A new Hooting Yard podcast is now available from ResonanceFM:

On Wings Of Song

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Perking Up

It is rare for an entire fortnight to pass in complete silence here at Hooting Yard, but that is what has happened. It is a sorry state of affairs and I cannot blame it entirely on the aforementioned loss of my mojo. Clearly what is needed is for me to PERK UP. To this end, I have been working my way through a self-help regime entitled PERKING UP. I will not go into the details of what this consists of, as I do not want you lot to be overcome with waves of nausea, spiritual despair, and the withers. Suffice to say that I went to the nearest grocery kiosk and obtained a supply of plums, and on my way home I walked widdershins around the kirk several times. More than that I had best not say, for the time being.

While my PERKING UP begins to take hold, there are a couple of small matters to bring to your attention. First is the dearth of memorable utterances thus far from the commentators at the foopball World Cup. I had hoped to bring you a torrent of inanities, but alas there is little to report. Perhaps worth noting was one pundit’s observation that “He’s a very talented foopballer – he knows where the goal is”. But really the tournament has been something of a disappointed to date, with nothing to match such past gems as “For a moment there, he looked like a baby gazelle who’d just plopped out of the womb”.

Second, I am delighted to draw to your attention this newly-released podcast from Resonance104.4FM. Originally broadcast over two years ago, but none the worse for that.

King Jasper’s Castle, Its Electrical Wiring System, Its Janitor, And Its Chatelaine

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On The Podcasts Of Polar Bears

And about bloody time, too!, I hear you cry. Multifarious technical gubbins in the bowels of ResonanceFM have been bashed into shape by the trusty – if frustrated – podcast maestro, so here we are, with a new long overdue episode…

On The Livers Of Polar Bears

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Bad Vicarage Pod

Hot on the heels of the last podcast from Resonamce104.4FM, another podcast!

On The Bad Vicarage

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Pod Of Fate

Available to listen to with your lugholes, courtesy of Resonance104.4FM.

On Fate

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For your listening pleasure…

On The Plains Of Gath

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