Pods & Their Ilk : The Good News

podcast pic

A number of readers and listeners have written to me on the subject of Hooting Yard podcasts, generally along the lines of “Oi, Mr Key! My life has become barren and empty and devoid of purpose and it is all your fault. Where once I could rely on weekly, or even twice-weekly, new Hooting Yard podcasts, nowadays they only turn up once in a blue moon. What in the name of heaven is going on?”

I ought to explain that I am as bewildered as my correspondents. Once a week, more or less, I go to the Resonance studio and babble into a microphone for half an hour, live on air. How any of what I say eventually finds its way onto the ethereal mews and boulevards of Interwebshire has always been a profound mystery to me.

However, I have good news for all those of you biting your pillows in despair. All episodes of Hooting Yard On The Air are now uploaded, regularly and promptly, to the ResonanceFM Hooting Yard Soundcloud Archive. As I write, there are twenty-eight shows online, with which to siphon out your ears. Turn on, tune in, yelp with glee!

The Two-Headed Pod

Those of you who have heard the inimitable Norm Sherman read my work will be happy to learn that the latest episode of the Drabblecast is a “double-header” featuring two tales from Hooting Yard. The show includes Pabstus Tack and The Breadcrumbs Man. It is worth pointing out that, when it came to recording a muffled ghostly contribution at the end of a telephone line, I was under the impression that Norm would be reading The Return Of Pabstus Tack, so that is the story I was talking about. Apparently that piece will now appear in a future edition.

Hie thee yon to go and listen, after which you may wish to add your observations to the Drabblecast Forum.