2 thoughts on “Speed Pod

  1. Well, this is just glorious, and thank you everyone for getting this available to us fans in an MP3 format that we can actually use.

    Sorry to point it out, but this, and all other recent podcast offerings, are basically 2 YEARS behind, and with many weeks missing to boot. At least some of us find this extremely frustrating and would be willing and in fact happy to contribute cash money toward whatever the problem is at Resonance, to encourage SOMEONE to get these gems from Frank Keys available for useful download.

    PLEASE–tell us what would be needed to convince someone to convert ALL of the Hooting Yard segments into MP3 files that would be available to download and enjoy properly.

    Thank you, Gracias, Danke…
    Darell in Davis, CA

  2. I could not agree more with Darell. Reading the Hooting Yard potsages [sic] is one thing, but hearing them read aloud by Mr. Key, in his wonderful voice and accent, and with all the interruptions for coughing and the “Caucasian Lullaby”, is an experience that cannot be matched.

    Dan in Davis, CA

    (and who knew Mr. Key had so many fans in Davis?!)

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