Sound And Vision

Two clips for your instruction and enlightenment. First, a Tesla Cage Of Death! Many thanks to Ed Baxter for drawing it to my attention.

Next, the radio recording of WNEW reporter Icarus “Ike” Pappas on the scene as Jack Ruby shoots Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas on 24 November 1963. “Jack Ruby’s the name.” “Jack Ruby?” “He runs the Carousel Club.” “He runs the Carousel Club?” Holy mackerel!

2 thoughts on “Sound And Vision

  1. Errr,
    The cage is actually a ‘Faraday Cage’.
    I suggest the title of the video should be ‘The Faraday Cage of Health and Safety’.

    O.S.M. B:53

  2. OSM : Thank you for that correction and clarification. In addition to being a largely self-taught scientific genius, Michael Faraday was a devout member of the Sandemanian Church. Among its practices is total abstention from “things strangled and blood”.

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