(Two Broken)

Canon Freddy Hood (Principal of Pusey House) – cream jug.

Lord Hailsham (Quintin Hogg) – set of Pyrex dishes.

Naomi Mitchison – Highland rug.

Ian and Mary Mikardo – breakfast coffee set.

Chips Channon – edition of Shelley.

J B S Haldane – kitten.

Elwyn Jones – model donkey.

Tony Benn – silver card case.

Graham Sutherland – drawing (by G Sutherland).

Ronald Searle – drawing (by R Searle).

Evelyn Waugh – copy of Helena (by E Waugh).

Nancy Mitford – copy of The Blessing (by N Mitford).

Seretse and Ruth Khama – fish knives.

Ted and Barbara Castle – face towels.

Jim and Audrey Callaghan – four ashtrays (two broken).

Some of the gifts given to Tom Driberg and Ena Binfield at their wedding in 1951, as listed by Francis Wheen in Tom Driberg : His Life And Indiscretions (1990).

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