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With the demise of a vile diet of moral squalor and pap their favourite newspaper which they bought in their millions, no doubt the British working class are at last ready to heed Cornelius Cardew’s stirring call-to-arms from 1979…

All together now…

British ruling class puffed up with arrogance
Boasted that the sun shone on your vast empire
That sun has now eclipsed.
British ruling class, we have got news for you.
Your time has run out; You have got to go.

Light is shining in the sky
Heralding the dawn of a glorious new day,
British working class you’re the revolutionary force.
To build our socialist land.

British working class you have a fine history
Fierce battles waged against a vicious enemy
With grim determination.
British working class aspires to revolution
In the face of attempt to crush this aspiration.
Of socialism in Britain


In the 1840s Marx and Engels on our shores
Organised and hammered out the objective laws propelling history
Marxist-Leninist science is the guiding star
Charting the course of the working class:
Socialist revolution.


Persisting in the face of every difficulty
In 1979 was formed our new party, a glorious victory.
Rallying to this flag is the only way, workers
To usher in, a bright new day of
Socialism in Britain.

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