Exciting Gruel Recipe Quiz

The following recipe is an effective remedy for a common malady. All you have to do is to use your skill, judgment, and pulsating brain flashes to work out the malady.

1 Pint New Gruel, 1 gr. Tincture of Green Acorns, 1/2 gr. Hypo, 1/16 gr. Castor Sugar, 3 Clove Kernels, 1/2 lb. Coffee Essence, 3/4 lb. Sugar of Zinc, 2 gr. Bisulphate of Lead, 1 Pint Spirits of Sulphur, 5 gr. Bicarbonate of Saltpetre, 1 oz. Table Salt.

Tip: I recommend making up a big pot of the lovely gruelly goo and using it to treat a variety of wretched and woe-inducing medical conditions. If you lack the patience to do so, and are instead making wild and witless guesses, you will find the correct answer at Mustard Plaster.

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