The Art Of Tagging

For some reason, quite possibly ignorance, I have never made it my practice to add “tags” to Hooting Yard postages. I shove them into a category, but have always neglected the tags. It is not something I have thought about, until today, when I have realised that a skilled “tagger” can create something approaching poetry.

The friend who I thumped on the bonce with the Hammer of Thumpiness, until she caved in and began blogging, is only six posts in at BlackberryJuniper And Sherbet, yet her grasp of tagging is a wonder to behold. Consider this:





What a corker! Time, surely, to eject Carol Ann Duffy* from the Laureateship and appoint my friend in her stead.

* NOTE : The preposterous Duffy’s latest witterings argue that teenpersons’ txt-spk has poetic potential. Shouldn’t she be promoting literacy rather than garbled barbarism?

9 thoughts on “The Art Of Tagging

  1. You’re so lucky I didn’t actually put a spectacularly badly written poem up on said blog today. I had 3 in mind, and only stopped myself by sheer Hammer of Thumpiness.

    And yet you’ve gone and made a poem for me, from my silly taggings. I can only think you actually want a proper poem. Grrr. Arg….Don’t make me do it…

    – Mistress BlackberryJuniper, at your service

  2. “Garbled barbarism”? It is no less than the evolution of language! Perhaps subject to some sideways genetic drift, but evolution nonetheless.

  3. With predictive text, txt spk is really hard to do on a phone these days, and really annoying to do on a computer as it will underline everything with a wiggly red line. I will say this because I persist in writing in Old English on various fora. I don’t want you to think that I write in txt spk.

    Evolution means change, not necessarily for the better. Many organisms evolved to occupy niches that existed for a just a few tens of thousands of years, a mere blink of the eye in geological time, then extinction, like Haast’s eagle.

  4. In the increasing small area of my mind dedicated to ‘rational’ thinking, I still equate the short message service (SMS) with the telegram.
    I have avoided using the predictive text facility (because I didn’t understand how it worked) until recently.
    I was tapping away at a message when the word ‘peasbulb’ appeared.
    It made me laugh out loud, sorry, LOL.
    I am now searching for a context for this fabulous word so It can appear on a CRI.

    OSM B:53

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