Pudding Fenders

Dear Mr. Key, writes Mick Wiggins from across the pond, Just like a recent listener’s account of the Hooting Yard narrative voice taking over the helm whilst sightseeing, I similarly experienced the same while visiting the Maritime Museum in Astoria, Oregon, just this last weekend.  The museum, located at the mouth of the once mighty Columbia River, open to Cape Disappointment and just down the way from Dismal Nitch, was a very good museum, with many arcane and wonderous accounts of the famous “Graveyard of the Pacific”.  Of course it was when I found myself studying a fantastic display of pudding fenders that the Hooting Yard Effect commandeered my own internal voice, and it really was a value-added treat. It is too bad you cannot capitalize on this effect, but perhaps you should look in to it. At any rate, thank you for the many hours of listening pleasure.

I have replied to Mr Wiggins asking him to tell us more about pudding fenders, so watch this space.

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