Lobster Quiz

You will be pleased to hear that my lobster research continues apace, quietly, diligently, but with moments of high drama. In case any of you doubt that I am learning some startling facts, here is a little quiz.

What type of lobster am I describing?

It is found in the waters off Western Samoa. It is musical. It is furry. It is magnificent.

You will find the correct answer below the picture.


The answer is : the musical furry lobster, Palibythus magnificus.

I am not making this up.

3 thoughts on “Lobster Quiz

  1. I, and my pride in knowing I am right when I say that lobsters aren’t terribly blessed in the brain department, eagerly await your further acquisition of knowledge. The humble pie may be cold by that time, but I’ll still be happy to serve it up…

  2. Palibythus magnificus ~ Tuba-playing Music Fish

    [*We* may not class it as a fish, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t think of itself in such terms. If it thinks …]

  3. It plays the Tuba you say?
    Must invite it round for a bit of a jam with The Midnight Car Park Ramblers.

    Better keep it away from Cyril Cluff though, he’s allergic.

    O.S.M. Bib n’ Butter

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