The Young Person’s Guide To Music Appreciation

A friend of mine posted a Facebook Facecloth message, saying she is DJing tonight and has no idea what records to play, asking for tips on what “the kids” are listening to these days.

I replied: “It’s not what the kids are listening to, it’s what they should be made to listen to. I recommend Scriabin’s ‘Poem Of Ecstasy’, Op.54.”


Scriabin : tiny little hands

2 thoughts on “The Young Person’s Guide To Music Appreciation

  1. The kids are listening to dance remixes of My Little Ponies themes tunes these days. And by “the kids” I mean twenty-year-olds. Just knowing this is agony.

  2. Let it here be noted that mention of Scriabin upon this website followed by a spell of boredom and curiosity on my part has caused a kindling in my brain pan of a love for the music of aforementioned eccentric Russian gent.

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