The Big Questions

Rummaging around on the BBC iPlayer, I discovered a programme new to me, a studio discussion show called The Big Questions. Well, I’m not sure about the size of the questions, but some of the answers made me laugh.

Asked to name a single coherent objective of the Occupy movement, one of the guests replied “We’re against all the injustice in the world”. He sounded like a plaintive seven-year-old whining that life isn’t fair. Perhaps I’m being too harsh. For some unexplained reason he was wearing one of those silly masks, so for all I know perhaps he was an upset seven-year-old.

A bit later on a woman who appeared to be something to do with the Church of England opined that the government should be responsible for origami.

I think this show may be unmissable.

One thought on “The Big Questions

  1. Yes, those are the biggest questions. Along with “are we nearly there yet?” and “can I have a rabbit?”

    Origami is where polygamy began, I think. I’ll ask the vicar when he comes around for his tea.

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