Badgers In The News

Now here’s a quandary. Hooting Yard strains every sinew to pretend that certain “celebrities” do not actually exist. We simply ignore them. They are banished from our mental purview, dumped into a gigantic imaginary dustbin, the lid of which is clanged shut.

Badgers, on the other hand, we consider splendid creatures, always worthy of a few lines here and there. We don’t go overboard, we don’t babble on and on and on about badgers, but we take note of their doings, and bring you interesting badger news when appropriate.

What to do then, when a non-existent “celebrity” and badgers collide? It is with a heavy sigh that I bring you this four-month old headline which has only just been transmitted to the Hooting Yard news hub substation…

Gordon Ramsay’s Dwarf Porn Double Found Dead in a Badger Den in Wales


A badger

One thought on “Badgers In The News

  1. I am moved to decry the demonisation of the badger community inferred by the headline’s use of the word ‘den’.

    As we are all aware, badgers live in ‘sets’.

    (I wanted to use the word ‘pejorative’ but couldn’t get it to fit.)

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