This morning I received an email from PayPal containing – among other things – this curious claim:

bird eggs

It had never before occurred to me that, when seeking to identify birds’ eggs, the first port of call should be a PayPal customer services person. However, now I know, and I shall be bombarding them with all my birds’ egg identification quandaries. You should do likewise.

ADDENDUM : While you’re there checking your birds’ eggs, don’t forget to give alms to the Hooting Yard Fighting Fund. (I’m not sure yet who or what we’re fighting, but don’t you worry about that.)

4 thoughts on “EggPal

  1. “Bird egg, bird egg, bird egg, bird egg, newt spawn, bird egg…”

    Soon to be one of those annoying viral animations that people who’ve recently discovered Het Interwebshire keep sending me on the flimsy excuse that they find it hilarious and assume I will as well.


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