The Entrails Of The Pig

Today is Collop Monday, so here is what you ought to be eating (and a tip on what to do with the servants):

PIG-FRY – This is a Collop Monday dish, and is a necessary appendage to “cracklings”. It consists of the fattest parts of the entrails of the pig, broiled in an oven. Numerous herbs, spices, &c. are added to it ; and upon the whole, it is a more sightly “course” at table than fat cracklings. Sometimes the good wife indulges her house with a pancake, as an assurance that she has not forgotten to provide for Shrove Tuesday. The servants are also treated with “a drop of something good” on this occasion; and are allowed (if they have nothing of importance to require their immediate attention) to spend the afternoon in conviviality.

from The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction: Containing Original Essays; Historical Narratives; Biographical Memoirs; Sketches Of Society; Topographical Descriptions; Novels And Tales; Anecdotes; Select Extracts From New And Expensive Works; Poetry, Original And Selected; The Spirit Of The Public Journals; Discoveries In The Arts And Sciences; Useful Domestic Hints; &c. &c. &c., Vol. XIII (1829)

Thanks to Ian Visits for reminding us all.

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