Our Milieu Is That Of Doctor Ludwig

Last night I dreamed that I was walking in Saint Chad’s Park, past a music rehearsal studio, within which I could hear a beat combo practising. The song I overheard – which, in dreamland, I understood to be a Sleater-Kinney cover version – consisted of a single line, repeated over and over again: “Our milieu is that of Doctor Ludwig”. Very melodious.

2 thoughts on “Our Milieu Is That Of Doctor Ludwig

  1. More comforting than the dream I had last night.
    I was in a railway carriage that had been converted for use as a home.
    Radio 2 Disc Jockey Chris Evans told me he had arranged for a biker gang to come and kill me but continually apologised for doing so.

    I used an ornamental carriage lamp to bash his brains out before making good my escape.


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