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This week in The Dabbler I present a round-up of exciting new apps for those of you who carry about hand-held computerised devices. I eschew such newfangled gewgaws myself, but that is no reason to miss the opportunity to make my fortune. If millions, or indeed billions of fatheads buy one of my apps, I shall not be complaining.

One app I forgot to mention in the piece is the iPadde, named after Knud Padde, a minor character in the Danish television crime drama Forbrydelsen. This handy app does instant translations into Danish of common phrases such as “computer password fuckup” and “girl power wet tee-shirt competition”.

4 thoughts on “App Dabbling

  1. You would never fuck up your passwords to Danish wet teeshirt sites. Or so I thought.

    By the way, when are these apps coming to Android or the Metal Tapping Machine?

  2. Glyn : If you follow the links you will note that the references are not to Danish wet tee-shirt sites – of which I confess I am not aware – but to Danish television dramas, Forbrydelsen and Borgen. Both these shows give us monoglots a useful smattering of Danish phrases.

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